Dalmatian Pelicans of Greece

Jacha took a trip to Greece to photograph these incredible birds

As a bird lover, Jacha has always loved the Dalmatian Pelicans that spend the winter in Greece, and this year he was fortunate enough to be able to visit Lake Kerkini to photograph them.

Jacha spent 4 days on and around the lake taking in the spectacular wintery scenes and of course watching in awe these amazing birds with their winter plumage on full display.

The Dalmatian Pelican is a globally threatened species. The main threat to Dalmatian Pelicans in Greece is human disturbance of the colonies. Illegal hunting and power line collisions are also important human-generated factors that contribute to pelican mortality, particularly during migration season.

Jacha travelled to Lake Kerkini with Neophron Tours

Posted: February 22, 2019 by Kate Vincent

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