Gava Kids visit

Jacha and Gwyn visited Gava Kids to see how they were getting on

As we have mentioned before the coffee shop supports an organisation in Namibia called Gava Kids. Read our previous blog here

In January 2019 Jacha and Gwyn made a visit to Namibia to catch up with the Gava Kids and see how they were getting on. While they were there they accompanied the group on a shopping trip to buy new clothes and equipment ready for the new school year.

These children really flourish with the support they receive from Gava Kids, they are growing up with one foot in their ancient desert culture and the other in contemporary Africa, Gava Kids was created to provide education that is their greatest hope for bridging these two worlds.

If you would like to help please visit: Gava Kids.

Posted: January 10, 2019 by Kate Vincent

Jacha’s art can be seen here: