Showcasing Jacha Potgieter's artwork

Orangutan paintings sold to help the apes of Cameroon and Borneo

Jacha sold off his orangutan paintings to help the apes during the corona virus pandemic

One thing is for sure, none of us will forget 2020 anytime soon!

As the corona virus spread around the world and countries went into lockdown, wildlife sanctuaries also closed their doors to visitors. The two charities that Jacha is an ambassador for; Ape Action Africa and Orangutan Appeal UK both rely heavily on tourism to fund their sanctuary and rehabilitation centre.

Visitors may not be allowed in to see the apes at this time, but the apes still need food and care.

After volunteering with the orangutans in Borneo in 2008, Jacha painted 12 large orangutan portraits. The paintings are now spread all over the world, with just three remaining. These pieces of artwork, sized 150cms by 120cms would normally be for sale for £1,700.

To help raise some much needed funds for his two charities Jacha decided to offer the three paintings for £1,000 each, with 100% of the price being split between Ape Action Africa and Orangutan Appeal UK.

Within three days of the offer being on his social media pages, Jacha sold all three paintings and £3,000 went to help the apes in Cameroon and Borneo. A huge thank you to the new owners of the paintings, you really have made a difference!

Posted: June 8, 2020 by Kate Vincent

Jacha’s art can be seen here: