Niharika Rajput – Wings Unfettered

Jacha was introduced to Niharika Rajput and her fantastic project - Wings Unfettered while on a recent trip to the Himalayas.

Niharika (Nikki) makes extremely intricate and detailed sculptures of birds, she makes each individual feather from paper, hand paints them and then begins the process of creating the bird. Jacha was very taken with the sculptures and asked Nikki if she would like to exhibit a sample of her project here at the Platform Galeri. We now have a Humming Bird and a Kingfisher on display, why not come and see them for yourselves, they are fascinating!

This is what Nikki says about the project:

“Wings Unfettered began with an Art and environment themed residency at Caetani Cultural Centre and Allan Brooks Nature Centre, Vernon , British Columbia. The focus of this one and a half month long residency were the Humming birds found in the Okanagan valley. Climate change and loss of habitat amidst other factors are forcing many migratory birds to move to new locations in search for food and shelter. Audubon claims that the Allen’s and the Rufous hummingbirds might loose upto 90% of their habitat by 2080. This residency allowed me to enter into a dialouge with conservationists and naturalists from North Okanagan Naturalist club and Allan Brooks Nature Centre.”

Visit Niharika’s website for more details.

Posted: June 11, 2017 by Kate Vincent

Jacha’s art can be seen here: