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Raising money and awareness for apes through beer!

In 2016 Jacha worked with the team at From the Notebook to create an Orangutan Lager. From the Notebook have a range of beer that helps various wildlife charities, each type of beer has a different animal on the front of the bottle and 10p from each bottle sold goes to a charity connected with that animal. Jacha had started stocking the beers in the Alpine Coffee Shop and Hangin’ Pizzeria when he approached the managing director Graeme Denton about creating an ape beer to support the work of Ape Action Africa and Orangutan Appeal UK.

Graeme suggested they brewed a Lager as it would compliment the range of beers we already stocked, Jacha painted the orangutan for the label and so the Orangutan Lager was born! Launched in the summer of 2016 the Orangutan Lager has proved to be a great success, everyone loves it. Following on from this success Jacha and Graeme worked together again to release a Gorilla Stout and a Gibbon Golden Ale in 2017, with Chimpanzee and Bonobo beers set to follow in 2018!

Jacha has painted each label for the ape range and 10p from each bottle sold of any of the ape beers goes to Ape Action Africa and Orangutan Appeal UK. Has there ever been a better excuse to enjoy a bottle of beer?







Posted: May 25, 2017 by Kate Vincent

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