I’m Not Plastic – how about you?

A collaboration of like minds working towards a plastic free world.


When plastic first came on the market in the early 1900s it was considered a super product. Today we are facing an environmental crisis. By 2050 it is estimated there will be more micro-plastics in the sea than fish.

Jacha has long championed for a life less full of plastics. He frequently uses his art to raise awareness of plastic pollution, particularly ocean plastics.  Jacha has massively reduced the use of plastics in his hospitality businesses. He asked suppliers of the Alpine Coffee Shop and Hangin’ Pizzeria to only use reusable packaging and he stopped selling drinks that were packaged in plastic bottles.

I’m not plastic

A friend of Jacha’s recently introduced him to Tertius Pieters. Tertius is a fellow South African and is the co-founder of the I’m Not Plastic (INP) movement.

The INP movement compels people and businesses to march towards a cleaner future, free from single-use plastics and food waste. They have a range of merchandise which helps to spread their message of living a plastic free life. Jacha has one of the t.shirts which he has photographed himself wearing with his recycling sculptures. By sharing the photos on his social media platforms Jacha wants to keep the message spreading worldwide.

This is just the start of Jacha’s collaboration with INP. Therefore come back soon to read more about some exciting projects that combine Jacha’s recycling art with I’m Not Plastic’s quest to spread their important message even further.

Jacha with a chandelier he created from recycled rubbish

Reducing food waste

Its not just single use plastic that INP are hoping to reduce. In South Africa 10 million tonnes of food goes to waste every year. The UK is not much better, with 6.7 million tonnes wasted per year. As a result food waste is also a huge problem which needs addressing. I’m Not Plastic has partnered with Food 2050 to work to reduce and revolutionise the food waste management industry.

Food 2050 has developed a modular and robust composting solution to efficiently turn food waste into compost. As a result, this process, depending on the type of food waste, takes between 24 to 48 hours.

What the future holds

The world news this week on climate change  has been dire. The global population is facing a “code red” catastrophe. Therefore the world needs to act fast! Human activity is changing the climate in sometimes irreversible ways, as ever, if we all stand together we can make a difference.

Join Jacha and the I’m Not Plastic movement. By doing so we can work together for the future of our planet.

Jacha with a photograph of an installation he created to highlight the impact of ocean plastics on marine species
Posted: August 14, 2021 by Kate Vincent

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