We’ve arrived!

Let the adventure begin here

The day has finally arrived and we have landed in Tanzania ready for our Kilimanjaro adventure!

It was an early start with a 6am flight from Manchester to Amsterdam, where we had just a couple of hours layover before heading on to our ultimate destination.

After weeks of planning and training it was a wonderful feeling to finally touch down in Tanzania. We had a short journey from the airport to our hotel, where a cold bottle of the local beer was a welcome sight…….

We have a day of rest on Thursday while we wait for Rachel and Larry to arrive from Cameroon so we are heading off to look at a local coffee plantation. Once our team is complete we will be awaiting our briefing from our guides and enjoying our last nights sleep in a proper bed for a few nights before starting our Kili challenge on Friday morning!

Please please do keep spreading the word and sharing our Just Giving page so we can get as much money as possible for our darling apes.


Posted: October 20, 2016 by Kate Vincent