The Central African Republic

Jacha's recently visited the Central African Republic where he was able to get some fantastic images of pangolins, gorillas and elephants.

In July 2018 Jacha spent a month volunteering at Sangha Lodge in the Central African Republic, Sangha Lodge is one of the top lodges to stay at if you want to take trips to see the Western Lowland Gorillas.

During his time at the lodge Jacha looked after and monitored a handful of Black Bellied Pangolins as part of the lodge’s Pangolin conservation project and he was also lucky enough to take trips to see the Gorillas and the wonderful Forest Elephants at Dzangha Bai. However the majority of Jacha’s time was spent caring for a little orphaned Blue Duiker called Maya.

If you would like to visit the lodge get in touch with owner Rod Cassidy directly via email:

Posted: August 22, 2018 by Kate Vincent

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