South African magazine – Sarie, features an article on Jacha and his work.

Jacha was thrilled to be interviewed about his life and work for the article.

Towards the end of last year Jacha was approached by Sarie, a South African magazine wanting to run an article on him.

Speaking to Sarie’s senior features writer¬†Marguerite van Wyk about his life and work, Jacha looked back on his childhood growing up in South Africa’s Freestate, and how it influenced his desire to help animals throughout his life’s journey right up to the present day when, as a conservation artist he uses his art to spread awareness of varied conservation issues.

It was an honour for Jacha to have an article written by a magazine in his home country and he was thrilled with the final result. The article is written in Afrikaans, for those of you that can understand it here are some shots of the article in print!

Posted: February 1, 2020 by Kate Vincent

Jacha’s art can be seen here: