Jacha visits Cameroon for the first time

Volunteering with Ape Action Africa

In 2010 Jacha took part in a volunteer programme with Ape Action Africa at their sanctuary in Mefou National Park, Cameroon. The experience helped him fall even more in love with apes, and is the driving motivation behind his passion for doing as much as he can to help our ape cousins.

Chimps, Gorillas and other African primates are under threat from poaching and habitat loss, Ape Action Africa are dedicated to helping them survive. They care for around 340 primates of different species and have just under 50 national staff and 3 non national staff. They strongly believe in education and the young generation are the ones that will change belief, it is for this reason they teach conservation education in schools in the capital as well as schools in and around the park area. AAA works closely with the local communities and has started many community development projects such as farming, they then buy the food for the animals from the local people.

If you would also like to volunteer with Ape Action Africa visit their website to find out more information.


Posted: October 12, 2010 by Kate Vincent

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