Gava Kids

Supporting Namibia's children through education

Jacha and his wife Gwyn believe in giving something back to help those less fortunate. The Alpine Coffee Shop is now supporting Gava Kids, the annual donation they give will help children in Namibia get an education.

GAVA Kids mission statement is as follows:………

Our organisation stands out because…

We have an ongoing, personal connection with each of our 35 Gava Kids & with our Namibian Field Director. 100% of donated funds is allocated directly to the children & their schools. We are not a “one size fits all”; we search for the best educational solution for each child. We have no political or religious agenda. These young people are growing up with one foot in their ancient desert culture and the other in contemporary Africa. Our organisation, Gava Kids, was created to provide education that is their greatest hope for bridging these two worlds.

Making a difference…

A $600 donation to Gava Kids pays for Tuition, Fees, Room and board, Uniforms, Transportation, School supplies and Personal supplies per year.

Every human being deserves…….

A good education. A decent place to live. A chance to raise one’s family out of poverty Our Gava Kids deserve a good education. They deserve hope!

Posted: March 28, 2015 by Kate Vincent

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