Dog meat trade

Traumatised by the treatment of the dogs in the Asian dog meat trade, Jacha created this installation to express his feelings.

This installation is expressing how Jacha feels about the dog meat trade, it is so emotional for him, his soul cannot even think about how people can treat any animal like this. Jacha can’t verbally express his emotions to describe the senseless pain these dogs go through, for him there might just as well be babies squashed into the cages as dogs, after all we are all living creatures.

The dogs are often stolen family pets, they are systematically beaten, skinned and boiled alive because of the belief that the adrenaline released during pain tenderises the meat.
The dogs are crammed into cages so brutally that their bones almost break, so tightly they can’t move, they are trapped like this for the smuggled journey which can take days. Some are crushed or suffocated on the journey, while others starve or die of thirst. The ones that survive are killed inhumanely in illegal abattoirs.

Posted: May 21, 2015 by Kate Vincent

Jacha’s art can be seen here: